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48 hour minimum for delivery or pickup of catering orders

We Offer Full On-Site Service and Custom Menus
We offer full service on-site custom catering. From fresh pasta rolled out by our executive chef to beautiful steaks grilled to order in your own backyard, we can accommodate a wide range of requests. Whether it be the humblest sandwich for delivery to a gourmet multi-course meal cooked by our catering team at your home or event space, we have an incredible pantry to work with and an exceptional staff ready to make your dream meal a reality.

Please see our catering menu below or call us at +1 (416) 762-6292 or by email (copy and remove spaces): catering @ and he will work with you to create a custom menu. All our menu options can be modified to accommodate any dietary needs, restrictions, or allergies.


Cheese Boutique Catering Menu

To customize a catering style not present below please call.

$11 per person – Assorted sandwiches

Brisket: pickle, coleslaw, mustard, smoked BBQ sauce & Provolone
Turkey: caramelized and green onion aioli & Emmental
Prosciutto cotto (ham): gruyere, mixed greens, mustard
Fior de latte: olive tapenade, basil, tomatoes & banana peppers
Porchetta: sundried tomato aioli, fennel slaw, arugula on a brioche bun
Muffaleta: Provolone, Berkshire ham, spicy & soppressata, mortadella, bomba sauce & giardiniera mix on focaccia bun

(Served on Brioche Bun)

Rare roast beef: gruyere, caramelized onion, mustard & horseradish
Berkshire ham: mustard & gruyere
Porchetta: sundried tomato aioli, fennel slaw, arugula
Turkey: caramelized and green onion aioli & Emmental
Grilled vegetables: seasonal vegetables, olive tapenade & balsamic vinaigrette
Fior de latte: olive tapenade, basil, tomatoes & banana peppers


Hor d’oeuvres/Self Service

Pintxos: Manchego cheese, olives, mild white anchovies & piquillo peppers  $48/dozen
Mac N Cheese Balls:  Served with Smoked Tomato Sauce $38.88
Gougères: delicate pastry puffs filled with (Goat Cheese, Mousse Stilton Mousse/Foie Gras)  $38.88/$51.84/dozen
Chevre tart: with Goat Cheese & Pepper Jelly  $32.40/dozen
Pulled Meat Puff Pastery Bites: Beef/Chicken  $43.20/$39.88/dozen
Caprese salad skewer: Grape Tomatoes & Cherry Bocconccini with pesto + olive oil  $45.36/dozen
Wild mushroom crostini: Wild Mushroom Duxelle on Crostini & Shaved Parmigiano  $38.88/dozen
Mini arancini: Panko Crusted 3 cheese risotto bites  $38.88/dozen (Smoked Tomato side)
Beef tenderloin satay: served with a peanut sauce  $53.76/dozen
Mini empanadas: served with Chimichurri sauce  $32.40/dozen
Mini quiches: Roasted Vegetables or Wild Mushrooms  $25.92/dozen
Mini spring rolls: served with Sweet Chilli Sauce  $22.68/dozen
Chicken Satay: served with House Tzatziki  $51.84/dozen
Fresh Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto: with truffle honey  $43.20/dozen



(by the ½ pan, serves 6 – 8 people)
(full pan, serves 15 – 20 people)


Lasagna: beef or vegetable – $70.20/ half pan

Pastas:  $59.40/ half pan

  • Bolognese: meat
    Mac n’ Cheese: Afrim Pristine’s custom blend
    Orecchiette: with rapini pesto & chilis
    Penne: with wild mushroom cream sauce 

Entrées à la carte

Parmigiana: Chicken, or Eggplant ($51.84) with melted mozzarella & plum tomato sauce 6-8 ppl
Chicken Souvlaki: Greek Style with Tzatziki or Jerk marinated with Pineapple Salsa – $9.72 priced per person
Classic chicken cacciatore:  6-8 ppl – $77.76
Slow braised beef brisket:  6-8 ppl – $103.68
Grilled chicken breast: served with Pesto with Wild Mushroom Sauce – $10.80 priced per person
Beef tenderloin brochettes: served with Fresh Chimichurri Sauce – $15.68 per person
Classic beef bourguignon: 6-8 ppl – $103.68 


Herb roasted new potatoes – 6-8 ppl – $22.40
Grilled vegetable: with a balsamic vinaigrette – 6-8 ppl – $43.20
Grilled green asparagus – 6-8 ppl – $32.40
Potato gratin – 6-8 ppl – $54.00
Whipped Yukon gold potato -6-8 ppl – $32.40
Roasted Brussel sprouts: with bacon and onion – 6-8 ppl – $41.04
French green beans, lemon brown butter, toasted almond  – 6-8 ppl – $32.40

(by the ½ pan, serves 6 – 8 people)

Kale salad: beets and sunflower seeds drizzled with apple vinaigrette – $38.88 *GF
Cherry Bocconcini: fresh Italian bocconcini cheese with basil, cherry tomatoes & aged balsamic – $43.20 *GF
Grilled Radicchio: with dry figs, blue cheese, & sherry vinaigrette – $48.60 *GF
Mixed greens: chopped vegetables, toasted pumpkin seeds, & balsamic dressing – $32.40 *GF
Caesar salad: Romaine lettuce, croutons, applewood bacon bits and shaved reggiano – $38.88 *GF
Greek salad: with cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, feta cheese, peppers – $32.40 *GF
Israeli couscous: with baby spinach, tomato, peppers, fresh parsley, fresh mint, almonds and feta cheese- $38.88
German Style Potato salad: with Grainy mustard, apple vinaigrette, red & green onion, peppers and fresh chives – $32.40 *GF

*GF = gluten free    

Please call for pricing.+1 (416) 762-6292 or email:


Platters(priced per platter)
Add a special touch to your event with a platter from Cheese Boutique. Our popular platters come in a variety of sizes to suit any party, any size. They are sure to wow your guests and keep them talking about your party for weeks to come.

Platters come in a wide variety of sizes to suit all party needs from an intimate gathering or date night, to a large scale celebration or corporate event. Every platter comes ready to serve on a beautiful soft pine board, just unwrap and eat!





11” x 7.5”



11” x 9”



11” x 12”



11” x 16”


Grand 2’ft

11” x 20”


Superior 3’ft

11” x 30”


Choose ANY combination of the following:
• Cheese
• Charcuterie
• Fruit – garnish
• Antipasto – garnish

*Also available: Dessert board, Fruit board, Crudités with a dip board & antipasto board Serves 10-15 (other sizes are available)

We offer bread & cracker baskets.
Each basket serves up to 15 people and comes with fresh sliced baguette and an assortment of artisanal crackers.

48 hour minimum for all platter orders.


What cheeses come on the platters? Is there a list of available cheeses to choose from?
Each platter will come with an assortment of hard & soft cheeses, a blue, made with cow, sheep or goat’s milks, from a variety of regions around the world. Because our inventory is so dynamic and diverse, we try to avoid limiting ourselves to a preset list of cheeses. We want to be able to offer you the very best of what we have in stock at any given time.

Can I make special requests for cheese?
We will do our best to accommodate any requests for specific cheeses. If we do not have a particular cheese in stock at a particular time, we will substitute it with something comparable. If you request several premium cheeses, there may be an additional charge.

What if I don’t like a particular kind of cheese?
We will omit cheeses that you do not like.

How will my guests know what they are eating?
All cheeses & meats are flagged with the names & descriptions of each item.

What comes on the charcuterie platter?
Charcuterie refers to prepared meats. Our charcuterie platters include a selection of cured meat products such as cullatello, salamis, prosciutto, pates, etc…

Do you have alternatives to pork?
We do stock a limited amount of non-pork charcuterie.

Are the platters gluten free?
Our platters are almost entirely gluten free. It is important to let us know about all dietary restrictions so that we can avoid cross-contamination.

Can you make the platters nut-free?
We are a facility that processes nuts and so we are unable to guarantee zero cross contamination. We will do our best to limit any contact with nuts on your platters.

What comes with an antipasto platter?
The antipasto platters are a variety of grilled & marinated vegetables, Cornichons, and an assortment of olives.

What comes on a dessert platter?
The dessert platter comes with an assortment of cookies, small cakes, tarts, chocolates, and other pastries or sweets. There is something to suit every taste!

How do you determine the serving size for each platter?
The recommended serving for each platter assumes that there will be other food or that the platter is served as a snack, and not a complete meal. If you want to use it as a main course or the main source of food, we recommend that you go up one platter size from what is recommended for your group.

Do you offer delivery?
We offer delivery within the GTA. All deliveries are scheduled in three hour windows (9AM to 12PM). Please call to arrange delivery.

48 hour minimum for delivery or pickup of catering orders