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Café/Barista/Bakery/Gelateria/Cookware located a few steps from the main store, at 29 Ripley avenue.





Gift Cards

Now available: Historical Series

Publish Date: January 1, 2015
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Select one or collect them all.
Each date represents Cheese Boutique’s evolution from the Bloor Street location between 1970 and 1999.

Ordering: in-store purchase or call us to reserve!

Order any denomination between $25 and $250.

Credit card issued convenience, all items in store are gift card redeemable.

+1 (416) 762-6292

Redeemable only at Cheese Boutique!
Recommended: purchase the card in-store for pick up.
Alternatively: by request we will mail the gift card through Canada Post (shipping charge applied) with a call-in order.

Gift Baskets:

Cheese Boutique Gift Basket Cheese Boutique Gift Basket Cheese Boutique Gift Basket Cheese Boutique Gift Basket

We prepare gift baskets year round, corporate or personal. All baskets are custom order; we work with your budget and selections. We are always happy to make suggestions and recommendations if you’re looking for ideas.

Questions? Please call +1 (416) 762-6292 


Cheese Boutique is a gourmet emporium and has been supplying Toronto with succulent selections for over 47 years.


Gastronomic indulgence for everyone.

In 1970 we started as a humble Mom and Pop corner store on Bloor Street. Having grown into a gourmet staple and bursting at the seams, in the year 2000 we moved to our current home on Ripley Avenue, an industrial strip off the South Kingsway. Our epicurean emporium contains the cumulative knowledge of three generations, which has contributed to an augmentation in the variety and quality of our offerings. At Cheese Boutique the epicurean wonders never cease. Prosciutto hangs from the ceiling, truffles are available in season, foie gras is a staple, beef is dry aged a minimum 40 days, olive oils are available from 80 different terroirs, jams are made with green walnuts, pastries are baked in-house and chocolate truffles are flavoured with chipotle and bacon. But above all one must visit to experience our astounding selection of cheeses from around the globe, for which “best before” dates do not apply.

Transforming something good into something great is our foundational philosophy. Aging and curing everything from cheese to beef to Meyer lemons is done with the expert knowledge that comes only with years of experience. Appreciating fine food as one does fine art, we offer a 10, 000 sq. ft. food museum, where one is allowed to both take the art home and nibble on it en route. We invite you to peruse our historical timeline and scroll through our milestones from 1970 to the present, to experience the journey we have taken to become the store we are today.

Cold Locker

Our 1,000 sq. ft. walk-in refrigerator is our most recent departmental investment. An avant-garde approach to retail groceries, our customers receive the freshest product with the least amount of handling from delivery to their baskets. In the cold locker we offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as hand crafted butchery, game meats, and a variety of high quality seafood.

Cheese Vault

A first of its kind in Canadian retail, our vault offers a chance for customers to learn about and appreciate the aging process of cheese. Here you’ll find some of the longest-aging wheels of cheese on Earth. From the world’s largest log of Provolone at 864 lb., to a wheel of Parmigiano that has been aging since 2002, the cheeses in our vault have endless stories to tell. Should you wish to reserve a wheel for your own enjoyment, our Maitre Fromager (Cheese Master) Afrim Pristine will place a wheel on hold and withdraw it when fully ripened.

Prepared Foods

To make any meal easy and delicious, we have expanded our menu and now offer take-home dishes. All ingredients come right from our retail floor and are prepared by our resident chef. Select from a variety of cold salads, side dishes, pizzas, and heated mains. We also prepare custom catering orders tailored to supply any event. Brand new this fall we introduced freshly-squeezed orange juice prepared on the spot.


Publish Date: February 12, 2020

Sandwich Platters:  priced per person

Sandwich platters are prepared on wooden boards, and provide one and a half sandwiches per person. You may choose from a wide variety of cold cuts, salamis, and salads.  We also offer grilled vegetable sandwiches for a vegetarian option. All sandwich platters include mixed raw veggies with dip. Any order may be customized to include gourmet sandwiches such as smoked salmon or prosciutto. Special requests are subject to an extra charge depending on the selections.

*prices vary based on size and arrangement.
Intimate: Serves 4-6
Small: Serves 6-12
Medium: Serves 12-15
Large: Serves 15-20
2 foot custom: request for selections
3 foot custom: request for selections

Platter options include:
– Cheese
– Charcuterie
– Antipasto
– Fruit
– Small Desserts
– Half & Half – Any combination of two of the above

All platters are arranged beautifully with cheeses and/or meats sliced and ready to eat on a rustic wooden board. Any order can be customized to your particular requests. Please keep in mind that there may be additional costs associated with customized orders depending on the nature of the requests.

For larger events we also make table size catering boards – prices start at $190.00 and vary according to the number of people and selection preferences.

We are able to deliver within the Greater Toronto Area. There is a $25 delivery charge.

To place an order and if you have any further questions please call do not hesitate to call us at +1 (416) 762-6292 with any questions you may have.

Bread & Cracker Baskets:

A beautiful arrangement of various fresh breads and artisanal crackers to accompany your platter.


Publish Date: February 12, 2020

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TO PLACE AN ORDER:  +1 (416) 762-6292 

Disposable cutlery, napkins, plates and cups can be included with any catering order upon request, priced accordingly.
Allow 48 hours when placing your order. Items priced per person require a minimum of 8 people.
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance or are subject to 50% charge.


29 Ripley Avenue
Store Hours:
Wed/Thur/Fri: 9 am – 7 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 6 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm
Monday/Tuesday: Closed

Our Cookware department has its own home at 29 Ripley  (just 3 doors up the street) where we have an assortment of contemporary, classic, and state of the art cookware to enhance your kitchen experience. We carry high quality, world-class brands such as Le Creuset, Mauviel, Shun, Staub, and Wusthof.  Here you’ll find reclaimed cedar wood boards and knives to accompany all types of cheese. For the backyard test out our a full lineup of Broil King BBQ’s and accessories. Our cookware department is every gourmet or gourmand dream where one can find copperware, enamelled cast iron cookware and chefs exclusive knife series.


On October 23, 2006, Fatos Pristine was inducted into the Order of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France. The following year, on March 31, 2007, Fatos hosted an elaborate ceremony at Cheese Boutique so that the Confrérie could induct nine more Ambassadors of Cheese into the order, including son Afrim Pristine. 

This all day event was a rare opportunity in that Knights are not normally honoured outside of France. The Confrerie specifically indicated that the nominees be local to our community in Toronto. In attendance was a delegation of French representation that included the Grand Commander of the Confrerie, Monsieur Jean Arnaud. Members of the community were invited to share in the event and participate in increasing awareness for the love of cheese and how it is woven into our city. The day was packed with cuisine events—a showcase of cooking with cheese from some of our most notable French Chefs in Toronto.

Pristine patriarch Fatos was recently honoured with the title of Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit and his son, Afrim, was made a chevalier by Confrérie des Chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France in 2007.

Agim Pristine the elder son joined Afrim and Fatos in the Confrérie February 19, 2013. Also on that day, Afrim Pristine was inducted into the Guide Internationale Des Fromagers @CasaLomaToronto

Induction into the Guilde entitles Afrim as maître fromager (Cheese Master). Afrim wears the patch on his shoulder with pride as the youngest inductee among only 50 in the world. Afrim is represented by Plutino Culinary.


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